STX-4000-TB2 Turboforce Review (HUNTER'S CHOICE)

The STX 4000 TB2 Turboforce is the ideal Meat Grinder for hunters, and that is why we have branded it the Hunter's Choice. It weighs only 13 pounds or about 5 kilos. It looks sleek and elegent with its shiny chrome parts, and black finish.  Customers who are hunters swear by its power and speed.  It can grind up to 200 pounds an hour.

However, the most impressive feature of the STX-4000 was the Quad Core Cooling System which can double the life of the grinder according to the manufacturer​. ​

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​STX 4000 TB2 Turboforce comes with the following features

  1. Power :  2000 Watts
  2. ​Grinder Size: #12 (Grinds 170-230 pounds and hour)
  3. Wattage: 2000W Peak Power. 110 V 60 Mhz
  4. Weight: 13 Lbs
  5. Settings: Low, Medium, High
  6. Grinding Plates: 5
  7. Accessories: 3 Blades, 3 Stuffing Tubes, Feed Tube, Kubbe Attachment (For Sausages), Beaner Plate (For Feeding Sausages) 



​The most noted advantages of the Turbo Force STX-4000 is its combination of power and portability. It can grind whole animals in less than an hour.  Secondly, its patented cooing system allows to machine to keep cool after 2-3 hours of operation, this makes it into a true workhorse. Lastly, its easy to take apart, assemble and disassemble.

​Must be washed by hand, cannot use dishwasher.

​We highly recommend getting the Turbo Force STX-4000, it combined power and portability, and is competitively priced.

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