Do you love meat? Chicken Legs, Sausages, Hamburgers, Seafood - you can pick any kind.

You do!!! Great! The delicious meatloaf gives you a feeling of comfort. You love how it smells, and of course how it tastes in your mouth. And you’d like to know how to grind your own meat to cook mouth watering stuff whenever you want.

Let’s be friends then, shall we?

Hi, I’m Mark, your host on and I am a meat lover. Let me explain what I do over here.

I help meat lovers like you grind fresh meat on your own, so that you can enjoy your favorite dish whenever you want. Right in the comfort of your home.

Before turning a blogger I was a game hunter. There’s nothing in the world that tastes like fresh ground meat. But as much as I loved the engaging hunt, getting it to a butcher for grinding was a different story. I would never get the bits in the size I wanted.

And so I decided there’s only one way I was going to get it - If I grind it on my own. But grinding pounds & pounds of meat is not an easy task. You need the right equipment. Being a hunter, I did what I do best. I hunted for the best meat grinders till I found the one that worked.

From that need MeatGrindersNow was born. Here I answer your most burning questions about the best meat grinders on the market, and the process of grinding meat. I give you genuine reviews about the best meat grinders on the market. My ratings are based on real customers and extensive market research. That’s why my readers trust and value my opinion.

If you’re fed up with the low quality and taste of the food prepared from pre-packaged meat, you know it is important to grind meat on your own. On this blog, I share all my knowledge about the process of grinding, best practices, and I also teach you how to store & cook meat so that it always tastes the best.

Want an amazing meatloaf recipe? I bet the taste will stay with you for hours after you’ve eaten it. It’s been in my family for generations and I only share it with my readers. To grab a copy, just tell me where to send it FREE!