Top Commercial Meat Grinders Reviews

A meat grinder is not one of the essential electronic items to have, but it is definitely a useful product if you are a professional chef. Grinding meat can be a cumbersome process if you don’t have the perfect meat grinder with you. And from a commercial point of view, having the best meat grinder in the market at your disposal is a primary requisite.

There are certain important factors to consider when you are selecting which grinder to purchase. The size of the grinder matters the most – the smaller the grinder, the less meat it can grind at a time. So if you have a lot, a smaller grinder will take quite a long time to complete the task. Further, the motors of small grinders often take breaks to cool down during the process. This is not the case in larger models since their motors are designed to work for longer periods of time.

The kind of meat you are looking to grind also factors in – the tougher the meat, the more heavy-duty your grinder should be. Finally, your budget is the deciding factor. Meat grinders come at a wide range of prices. Unless you are looking for certain additional features and sophisticated accessories, you should be ready to shell out a few hundred bucks for a decent commercial meat grinder.

In this article, we have compiled the best commercial meat grinders on Amazon, and provided brief reviews on each of those.

1. Weston No. 22 Commercial Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer

This meat grinder is a bit overpriced for homes, but for people looking to grind and process large amounts of meat in short time, it is a good choice. It is a heavy-duty grinder that can easily handle tougher meats like that of deer, elk and moose. It also comes with all the accessories to get you started with meat processing.

It features an extra-wide, offset throat which allows you to use larger grind heads and facilitate faster grinding speeds. The stainless steel product comes with a 2 year warranty; so you need not worry about durability and reliability. It includes two stainless steel plates for coarse and fine grinds, knife and sausage stuffing kit including adapter, spacer as well as 4 different sized funnels.

2. STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce Patented Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder

The fact that this meat grinder features STX’s patented Cowl Air Induction System that considerably prolongs the life of the machine makes this product the best value-for-money item in the list. During normal usage, it delivers power of 800 – 1200 Watts with 3000 Watts of locked motor usage. The industrial level cooling system along with the power settings make this one of the best commercial meat grinders available on Amazon.

The machine has 3 speed settings, a Stop/Reset button and a Reverse button. The size #12 grinder features polished cast aluminium grinding head and stainless steel cutting blades along with several accessories. The blades can be washed in the dishwasher.

3. Sunmile SM-G73 ETL Stainless Steel #8 Electric Meat Grinder

It is a heavy-duty meat grinder offering a powerful 600W power with a maximum of 1000 Watts. Equipped with polished cast aluminium grinding and tubes, it can grind up to 185 lbs of meat per hour, thereby making it an ideal choice as a commercial meat grinder under $100.

It comes with all the basic accessories you need to get started. The cutting blades are made of stainless steel, and the 3 types of sausage attachments help you to stuff your sausage faster and more easily than a separate stuffer.

4. STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric

Unlike the previous STX model, this grinder does not feature the industrial level cooling system, and is therefore, mildly cheaper in comparison. It starts out at 800 Watts and can reach a maximum of 3000 Watts with locked motor wattage.

It has a size #12 grinding head. The parts are manufactured from polished cast aluminium so that you don’t have to worry about durability. It comes with 3 cutting blades, 3 sizes of grinding plates, 3 sausage stuffing tubes, and a sausage stuffing plate.

5. LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

This one is a great electric meat grinder to have for regular usage. It has a size #12 grinding head and weighs only 47 pounds. All the metal gears come with roller bearings, giving it a rugged appearance. Further, the company has set a two year warranty on parts.

Its special features include a permanently lubricated motor and a built-in circuit breaker. It comes with 3 sizes of tempered steel grinding plates, 3 stainless steel cutting blades, 3 sausage tubes and Kubbe attachment.


There are several advantages of owning a commercial meat grinder. However, it is never easy to select the best one from among the huge number of options available in the market. This list was assembled with the sole purpose of making it easier for you to decide on the meat grinder you need, while trying to be as comprehensive as possible in that regard.