Top 5 Best Smoothie Maker

There are plenty of blenders out there that can make a good smoothie, but wouldn't you rather have a well made quality smoothie. I’m here to give you a smoothie makers review on which can produce the best, professional grade smoothie much like you’ll get when you go out on the town to a smoothie store. So there are some obvious choices when thinking of blenders but I’m going to give you the highest rated smoothie maker around and this isn’t just for you, I’m personally looking to fins the best blender around because I love to have a well made smoothie, not to mention the fact that I’m tire of my blender ruining my margaritas.

1. Vitamix CIA Professional Series Blender

First off, Vitamin is a known powerhouse in this market and for a damn good reason, they work and they work well. To start it off, this thing is packing some serious power under the hood, you're looking at about a little more than two horse power that’s going to be used to please your tastebuds. There’s a nice larger 64 oz container with a spill proof lid, which is nice for pouring and that leaves little to no clean up. They have this patented tamper which controls the viscosity of your drink and leaves you a thicker mixture, so you could probably make some nice ice cream in this thing.

2. Blendtec Total Blender

Now when I mention powerhouses this is way up there on the list, coming in at 3 horsepower or 1560 watts, this thing is a monster. This is also set up to make your blending career hassle free with pre-programmed blending options all at the touch of a button and that means there is an auto-shut off for each of those already programmed functions. Ice stands no chance and they guarantee it, to shred your ice down to snow. A pretty large 2 quart blender container with a tight fitting lid so that none of your stuff goes flying anywhere, leading to a much easier clean up overall.

3. Waring (MX1000XTX)

A commercial blender is all you need to know, but since we’re on here I’ll let you know that this thing has a 3.5 horse power motor under the hood, which now opens up a whole slew of possibilities. The container is BPA free so you have no reason to worry about an cancerous possibilities because of the material of your blender. With a mean blade meant to really break down anything and everything you throw in there, you're looking at a creamier product that a regular blender. The lid has a removable cap so you can thrown in ingredients as you go and check out it in the final moments.

4. Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge

Not the strongest motor, but well known in the smoothie making world because it can live up to all the others to a degree. Comes with a large 64 oz blender container that’ll hold all of your ingredients without complaints. Has visible measuring marks to make sure you know how much you're making and a well fit lid to keep you from spilling. There are preprogrammed buttons on there and a button especially made for smoothies, so there’s always that. There’s even a timer along with backlit buttons so you can do all of this in the dark. A standby mode is also built in for when it’s no longer in use and a heavily built base so it’ll last a little while.

5. Magic Bullet NutriBullet

I’m a big fan of the NutriBullet due to it’s ease of use and the quality of stuff it can pump out. It’s coming in with a nice 600 watt motor under it’s hood but don’t let that turn you away, this thing can really shred stuff up. What’s really cool about this is the many cups it comes with and how easily you can throw ingredients into the cups and then just turn upside down, twist and press and it’s shredding stuff away for you. I’ve made many a smoothie in this blender, and it does a good job.


Now, if you're looking for inexpensive there are some awesome options on here that’ll cover all your bases. I’m a personal fan of the Vitamin because I know it can make some awesome things, like ice cream for example. This all depends on what you're looking for though, and how much power you want in a blender.