Best Ninja Blender On The Market Today

Something everyone needs in the house is an awesome blender because who knows when you'll get the urge to down a smoothie or maybe you’ll need to blend up a margarita or something. The thing about blenders though, is there are many out there that'll just shred your items down to nothing, or will ruin the consistency of whatever it is you're trying to make. I know personally that Ninja does a damn good job in providing a quietly blender for those of us out there looking to really expand in the blending world. So I’ve found the best of the best in the many different types of ninja blenders.

1. Ninja Master Prep

First off, this is actually a really affordable blender that does not sacrifice quality of the blend and if you want it slightly shredded, it’ll slightly shred rather than ‘puree all’ kind of deal going on. This particular blender is perfect for not only iced drinks but it can also just chop things up, or like stated previous can puree as well. A nice anti-spill lid and easy pouring lip makes things accesible and you can now serve people as well without making a mess. It comes with two containers, first off the large 48 oz pitcher then you have a 16 oz little chopper bowl.

2. Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups

This little blender is a power house coming in at a nice 1100 watts, which is a nice professional grade powered blender. There’s ingrained in there, an ice crushing technology that’ll bring you all your desired outcomes with all your ice projects. An example would be when making margaritas and the ice comes out not crushed enough but this will turn it into a slush like it’s supposed to be. It comes in XL so that it’s not just a personal batch you're making all the time, you can now host instead of using someone else’s blender. It also come with two 16 oz to go cups that’ll work for bringing smoothies on the run.

3. Ninja Mega Kitchen System

This is the ultimate kitchen set up and is a powerhouse for kitchen preparations. Coming in at a 1500 watts, this thing packs a walloping punch, giving you a professional quality blend that you’ll be finding when you go out for a smoothie at a restaurant or something, but now it’ll be coming straight out of your kitchen. It comes with an extra large container at 72 oz and will crush your ice down to powdered snow which is excellent for all smoothies and especially margaritas! Comes with a 8 cup food processor attachment which will create up to two pounds of dough in about thirty seconds.

4. Nutri Ninja Pro BL450

Coming in with a little less power at 900 watts to provide you with just enough to get professional quality. This blender is know to extract all the vitamins and nutrients possible out of your ingredients. Known to be able to shred through seeds, stems, ice, and skins and still shred it down to a nice even consistency. This is guaranteed to give you satisfactory smoothies and drinks be it alcoholic or not. It comes with two to go cups an 18 and a 24 oz cup, which is great to bring along with you to the gym or something as a post workout drink you could make with the awesome blender.

5. Ninja Ultima Blender Plus

This thing right here is the ultimate powerhouse and it’s even in the name, and has the power to back it up. Coming in at 1500 watts or 2.5 horse power, this is well beyond professional grade power. Because of the power this thing offers, nothing can stand in it’s way when it comes to blending down items. Ice has nothing on this bad boy, and has options to allow for puree, or can give you a creamy state to an ice cream. Overall this blender is going to give you perfect results in whatever food endeavors.


Overall, many of these blenders are going to do what you need them to and that’s because Ninja offers extremely well built and quality blenders. I’m a big fan of the stronger powered professional grade or well past professional grade blenders because I personally love my margaritas blended to perfection. Plus the ultimate Ninjas come with nice little accessories and for the price, you can’t do much better.